/Long-distance cycling to Gibraltar, 5000K

Long-distance cycling to Gibraltar, 5000K

Finally, I took off. Three months of adventure, all through western Europe. This was the very first time I had tried something like this on my own. In early 2017 it finally became a book. The experience actually prompted me to chose which sort of life I wanted for myself. Soon after returning home, I realized that I needed to be outdoors, frequently. I ended up skiing, and eventually running.

“I am a romantic at heart; I truly believe so. The idea of propelling myself forward through the countries of Europe at a good pace, biking along fields, canals, villages and mountains was highly attractive. I wanted to bike in the dawn when the rays of the sun persistently try to reach the horizon and conquer the sky, and at times where the sun is at its zenith, and it’s 45 degrees. I would choose my own speed, and I would be in total control through all possible environments and landscapes. The only thing constant during this journey would be myself, and my bike. I would be a constant, in an ever-changing environment.”

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Adventure and Cycle Touring: 5000K on a bike to Gibraltar, the Story of an Adventurous Spirit and Life on the Road


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