/Moved back home to Gothenburg

Moved back home to Gothenburg

After four years living in Gävle, north of Stockholm, I finally moved back to my home city of Gothenburg. The decision had been pending for quite a long time. Honestly, this had been a very tough period for me. My dad passed away just at the onset of these four years, when I got my new job as an international affairs specialist. It made me doubt everything, my purpose, what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be, and live. The first two years in Gävle I did my best to fit in, but somehow I just never felt like home. I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. But what can you do? really? After a while I got to learn a lot of really good people, some of whom have become lifetime friends. Yet, I knew I had to move, and I knew I had to go back from where I came. I took the decision of moving in February the last year, but wanted to set up the basic structures for my company first, and then relocate. So over half a year of building momentum, learning, educating myself, and then finally, I went…I felt true bliss.

The photo is taken just outside my previous job, the University of Gävle, when being visited by a Chinese delegation. I do like to wear a tie now and then.

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