/My father passes away

My father passes away

I was out traveling in central Europe when I got news that my father was ill. Somehow I just felt that this time, it was something serious. I think I had always been worried about him, ever since I was just a little boy. He always had something going on, rheumatism, asthma, tinnitus, vision problems, and more. Still, he was the kindest person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Calm, thoughtful, highly knowledgable, helpful. Whenever I had something going on, an issue, I could just give him a call. We didn’t even have to talk on the phone, I just felt better. Anchored somehow. My dad passed away in 2012, just when I was supposed to start a new life, with a new job, a new apartment. Instead, my loss made me reevaluate everything, for real. Everything I now do, I do it in the spirit of my dad. He is my true inspiration. Love you dad.

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