//An upwards going spiral and the domino effect

An upwards going spiral and the domino effect

It has been a while now, how are you doing? All fine and good I hope. Indeed, its been a very eventful period for me. I remember an earlier post where I wrote about prioritization. Essentially, that in order to fully relax and find peace of mind, it is important to firstly be up to date on you work, and projects. Moreover, you also ned to be in the present having already set your long term goals. In this mixture you then add the crucial ingredient of life balance. Too much of anything will make your balance tip in another direction and may create exhaustion, tiredness, and perhaps confusion.

Recently though, following these lines of thought, including goal orientation, it appears I am in an upwards going spiral, a positive trend. Generally, every day feels productive and I have more energy than before. I suppose having more energy in itself is like a catalyst whereby I reach even more results. The more results I reach, the more energy I get. For a while I had one day a week where I just let go of everything. A day of recuperation, no screens, no computer, no television. It helped significantly. Yet, I have not had these days for over a month by now. At the same time I do advocate them, they are highly useful at times when your balance is about to tip over. And also to be fair, my schedule has been somewhat crazy lately. Still, the urge for a recuperation day has slowly dissipated. Yesterday though I did have quite a lot of extra time at my disposal, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps it is just the composition of the balance I need that has slightly been altered recently.

An upwards spiral and a positive trend. The more positive things happening, the more positive things will happen. Sometime back in February I seriously got going with my goals and how to achieve them (just check out my project Iceland by Wheels, a 700K MTB adventure through Iceland). The pattern I see here, is like rings in water, or like a game of domino. Do one thing, act, and something else will be occur, and again, and again, and so on. You will never know what will happen in the end, what the results will be, but be sure, a predictable boring life will be history.

The idea presented above may sound completely self evident, but I think this simple principle is something many of us forget. We want to do something. We may not even know what that something is, but we have an urge somewhere inside pushing us around. But we are afraid. We put up obstacles and barriers all around us. After all many of us have it “fine”. Its not the best, but its not the worst either. Its fine, so why risk anything. Yet, if you have a dream and a vision, you state your goals and strive towards them, they are bound to get realized. You as the driver on the road leading to your dreams will see to it that solutions are found along the way. Moreover, everyone else seeing your dream and knowing you, will assist and help you. Everyone wants to contribute and do something for others. This altruistic behavior is just in our nature. Naturally there are problems in the world and not everyone will cheer you on. People are often quite busy with their own lives. But don’t let the opinions of others affect you negatively in any way. There are plenty of others who will for sure cheer you on and help you towards your goals.

At the end of the day, go your way, I know I am going mine. And it feels great!



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