//Searching for my tribe, a community of like-minded people

Searching for my tribe, a community of like-minded people

For quite some days now I have been walking around, doing my things, taking care of the company, training. Going on with life as usual in other words. But, I have also had this peculiar feeling. I have felt stressed, frustrated at times, anxious, almost irritated. Experiencing these feelings, I begun to carefully examine my life and how its been lived lately. The strange thing however, is that it all actually seems pretty good. I was surprised, and just couldn’t figure it out. It was like something had hit me. All is well. But its not. Apparently I have feelings of anxiety, but I do not know where it is all coming from. So, I begun to look even closer. I examined my company, my business, my training, my diet, essentially, all those things which are filling my days. The result? All of those things were progressing, nicely, some quite fast, others slower but steadily. I have even achieved some great results, all within the field of health, sports, and adventure. Apparently, the answer to my worries did not lie in my company, nor overall in my lifestyle endeavours of health and diet. It lay somewhere else.

The days passed. The feeling came and went. I then started to realise, slowly, that there have indeed been some changes lately. These changes have however not been bad, on the contrary. I have reached results I couldn’t imagine was even possible. How can that be something negative I asked myself? After some pondering, I realise that these changes have put me in a new reality, where I face new challenges and a new environment. And, the thing is, I ended up in this new reality, feeling alone. Yes, that is it. I have felt alone. Alone with my ideas, my vision, my projects, my training, most of the things I do, I have done them on my own. This is not the full, complete version of course. I have indeed received help, and support from my surroundings,. If not, I wouldn’t have reached as far as I have. There are great people around me, for sure. Nevertheless, what I have been missing is a sense of community, a sense of belonging. To be part of something bigger. A community where everyone unconditionally, support each other, and importantly, a community with like-minded people. That is, a community whose members are into some sort of physical activity, who have a keen interest in personal development, who have this sort of hunger in their eyes and an ambition to build something, whatever it may be. A community where everything can be talked about, and everything can be shared. A community where you actually meet once in a while, for dinner, drinks, training, travel, party, whatever it may be. Where you feel that you can easily contact anyone in the group, whenever you need and do things together, such as play, social activities, or deep discussions.

I fell with my bike the other day. Crashed it while cycling next to the highway. It still hurts a bit. After the crash I got home. I did feel a bit traumatised, although physically everything was fine. I then started to think that if this would have been more serious, who would I have called? I hesitated for a moment. Who would be my natural contact person? That was enough for me to question how my social engagements have evolved over time. Apparently, to a degree I seem to be missing a natural group of people around me. This is also the very reason I believe for why I have started to think about this issue now. You see, my projects are progressing nicely. I have put lots of effort into them, and its starting to pay off. But what happens when I achieve all these results and attain that professional and business related success Im looking for? Well, I wouldn’t have anyone to share it with. If I even get that far. Im a thorough believer that whatever you set out to do in life, you can only get there with the help of others, in a a community. I feel that at this moment in life, I do not have such a community.

Quite an insight I have had. What I need and what Im looking for then, is my tribe. Realising this, I feel a sense of relief. This is something that has been stressing me for some time, if not years. To be part of something larger then myself, some sort of community have actually been part of my vision ever since I set it up. But still, it is not until now that this reality have almost physically landed on my doorstep that I have gained a deeper understanding of it. And as such, it is indeed a gift. It is but now, that I can build something new, something better, together with others.

Im looking forward to the ride ????

All the best


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