//Fatigue, Exhaustion and the Natural Rhythm of Life

Fatigue, Exhaustion and the Natural Rhythm of Life

So it happened then. Im tired. I have been for a few days now. I feel fatigued, almost exhausted. Something is not right. I feel sleep deprived. Although at the same time I do not feel sick, I have no cold, no flue. It could be just any other day, except that Im tired. It happened before of course and I believe in our lives in general, these episodes occur from time to time. Nothings strange about it. Yet, it is to a degree frustrating, because in my case I never really get to the core on why I get so tired. It appears to me, often, that everything goes fine, I have a great flow, things are happening, I meet people, Im productive, I train, I even have short rest periods and sleep well. I think. Then when I actually get this tired and look back, what did happen?

True for a long time, a month or two I had this great productive flow. So many things happening on all fronts at the same time. Finally, my book publishing business is growing, and sales start to increase. My endeavour with Zinzino has started to take off, I got new customers and even managed to set up a recurring event, every other Tuesday. My training increased a lot in volume and quality, I felt I was truly back. I averaged about 10h a week for two weeks, cycling and running. Even my previous injuries seemed to have disappeared. But, I admit, and I think this holds true for so many of us. Sometimes we can get caught up in this productive generous flow of activities that we somehow forget to rest enough. I thought I did, but apparently I didn’t. Just at the beginning of this week I took a rest in my bedroom in the middle of the day, for say, an hour or so. It felt great, but whats more it felt like I could relax. Rleax (!). That has to mean that I haven’t felt that feeling for quite some time. Just chilling, relaxing, doing nothing in particular. And here comes the great lesson to be learnt. As we get more and more productive and experience a sense of flow in our lives, we may forget to balance ourselves and our activities. We still need the same amount of rest as before, not less, perhaps more. But as time goes, those precious periods tend to get shorter and shorter. Instead we, without thinking about it, cram in even more activities in order to get even more productive.

Recent activities – a busy week

So what have I been up to? What did my last week look like? I was indeed productive, and it was a great week, so rewarding. I managed to pull of about 10h of training, from last Saturday, until last Friday. That includes a few sessions of long-distance cycling and running. I managed to attend one full day conference about marketing and selling at the Gothia Towers here in Gothenburg. I also attended a small seminar for a few hours about investing in China. Moreover I attended a session about mental coaching and how to face your fears with Johannes Hansen, a mental coach here in Sweden. I also worked for two full days at my current day job, while attending my own company where I initiated the next launch of my book, Adventure and Cycle Touring. I can go on with this list, on and on. Of all these activities, I think its the fact that you use your brain power constantly that is draining energy. Like any physical efforts, such as an Iron-Man contest, you perform well during the competition, but afterwards you are fatigued for some time. The brain works exactly the same way. Think, think a lot, figure out stuff, implement methods, trial and error, your mental energy is constantly being used. The more things you do, the more rest you need. Thats all about balance. And when you are well into whatever you are up to, that is the very first thing you tend to forget.

I know, I have been here before. I imagine other factors can contribute as well, a small cold, bad weather for a long time, relatives and family members being sick perhaps. You get so much signals and projections from your surroundings. But at the end of the day its all about what you have in your head, your mental fitness and awareness. We all get tired, its life. We just need to respect it, and take care of ourselves more. I know I do.

If you feel fatigued, do what I did today, turn of the alarm clock. Sleep. meditate. Do some yoga. You are soon back, Im sure.

All the best!

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