//Inspirational results and great achievements of 2016

Inspirational results and great achievements of 2016

This is a first, I have never done this before so it has been quite exciting. At the beginning of 2016 I decided that I would keep record of all my results throughout the year. Basically, every week I checked what I had accomplished within my prioritised areas. As a reminder, my prioritised areas were 1# Strength, 2# Freedom and 3# Impact. Within each area I then added two sub-projects. Within the area of strength these were Iron-Man and Iceland by Wheels. Within Freedom, they were Passive income and Ultreia-X, my company brand. Within Impact, I had Raising funds fighting cancer and Active Inspiration, as in giving lectures and presentations.

Out of all these areas the two sub-projects that were fully completed are Iron-Man and Iceland by Wheels. Both turned out to be great successes. Even at a late stage I wasn’t entirely sure I would actually be able to do the Iron-Man, but eventually my body held together during the race and I reached the finish line. Iceland by Wheels was a great adventure indeed and all went well. As a result I am now in the process of arranging a number of presentations about the adventure, which fits nicely with the other sub-project Active inspiration.

All projects have progressed steadily and some of them will even be continued well into 2017. The main point of having this track record however is that it allows me to go back in time and see everything that I have done. I can also look forward, set new goals and fully grasp what I am capable of doing. In any company it is vital to keep a similar track record in order to plan for the future. Indeed, at a personal level, if you want to fulfil and realise your dreams, a similar approach is essential.

At the end of the day however, there are a number of results that stand out, above the rest. These results have changed everything at a fundamental level. As a result of these achievements I have grown as a person, I have improved my system of passive incomes, I have even physically moved to another city, and not to forget I can now share my ideas and passion with someone else. This is the full list:

I have…

  • established and named my company, 2StrongArms
  • actively started to work with my passion; health, sports, adventure
  • meet a great French girl, and dared to give it a chance
  • successfully completed Iceland by Wheels
  • successfully completed Iron-Man Kalmar, Sweden
  • moved to Gothenburg
  • improved my system of generating a passive income
  • got new energy to meet and get to know people all around me
  • fully completed a course in finance and personal development (Balansekonomi), and started to work for the same course and company
  • fully completed a course in adventure and the great outdoors (Adventure Academy)

I remember a conversation I had with a good friend at the end of 2015. I was anxious about the year to come. Would I have time and energy enough to take Balansekonomi, and Adventure Academy at the same time. Perhaps it would make much more sense to take just one of these courses. Not to forget, that at the same time I had a full time job. The rest of the things on the list were at the same time only at a very early, initial stage. I was worried. Could I do it?

I did. I did it all. And then some.

In 2016 I learnt so much. Sometimes my head felt like it was about to explode. I have also struggled. Its not easy to go for your dream and reach for your vision. It demands patience, endurance, conviction and also lots of support and team work. One of the lessons that stands out today though, is the idea of “the hidden force of going step by step”. Essentially, how do you eat an elephant? By eating it, piece by piece. Begin today, do something every day, at the end, your vision is fulfilled and realised. I am going there, I can see it, and perhaps more importantly, I can feel it!

For everyone out there, lets make 2017 a really magnificent year!!



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